We are redefining how brands create content


We solve marketing challenges through designing and delivering strategic bespoke solutions with talent, technology and process at the core. Unlike traditional agencies that operate as a separate entity to the client, we specialise in placing tailor-made teams of experts inside marketing departments. We provide the talent, structures and systems to support new and more dynamic ways of engaging consumers and creating content faster, better and at a lower cost.


Custom-built and moulded to your organisation, ensuring that service and culture remain intact.

In-house, nearshore or offshore, depending on your needs.


Define and execute solutions that leverage the scale of your organisation to deliver efficiency across the entire production supply chain.


We make your message work globally. A transcreation-first model allows the power of words to resonate with every market.


Brands require a constant stream of fresh, agile solutions in order to thrive within a marketing landscape that's continuously evolving. Dragons Group was founded to provide an innovative answer to modern marketing needs. 



One size doesn't fit all. We take time to really get to know your business and what you want to achieve.


Identify potential obstacles at the start and create a bespoke solution.


Deliver the right team and model tailored to your organisation.


Tracking and reporting allow for continuous analysis, learning and growth.


A global network of experts and entrepreneurs with decades of experience across creative, production, transcreation and social. We are a female-founded company that champions diversity and is made up of 50% women and 15 nationalities.

  • Founder and CEO  

    Her roots are in languages, her passion is helping brands to build new models and create change. Her natural habitat is skiing down the best the slopes in winter.  

  • Global Client Lead

    Her roots are in theatre, her passion is in helping organisations to break down silos and work efficiently. Her natural habitat is running down the Thames tow path. 

  • Global Operations Director 

    His roots are in project management, his passion is listening to a client’s vision and making it happen. His natural habitat is in his back-garden studio surrounded by apothecary bottles, formulating botanical scents. 

  • Operations Director - Mexico

    His roots are in marketing, his passion is helping new teams from different backgrounds to come together and work in an integrated way. His natural habitat is in the gym doing CrossFit. 

  • Creative Director - Mexico

    His roots are in visual contemporary arts, his passion is coming up with ideas that connect with people and move them emotionally. His natural habitat is the infinity of sound space. 

  • Head of Makers Lab - BCN

    His roots are in art direction, his passion is creating a productive work environment for creative minds. His natural habitat is up in the mountains, where you can find him hiking to the best viewpoints. 


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